Key Features .

Vantage X has vast range of features. First AI empowered Trading EA is one of the best Auto trading system available which predict future economic events by analyzing previous data. Some features are listed below

MT4 and MT4 Compatible

Vantage X works with all brokers which offers MT4 and MT5 platform.

AI Empowered

VantageX is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Equity Protection Feature

VantageX comes with its own complex risk management setting, which able clients to trade risk free

Highest Accuracy & Minimum Draw Down

VantageX tade with upto 89% accuracy and upto 15% Draw Down

Synthetic Indices, Nasdaq Trading

With the power of Artificial Intelligence , VantageX is most profitable EA to trade synthetic Indices and Nasdaq trading. Feel the power of Technology with VantageX auto trading EA

24/7 Support

Vantage X is proud to offer industries best support, You can contact us through WhatsApp, Email, Live Chat and through Facebook page. We will respond within minutes

What Vantage X Offers



Turn ideas into creations .

Vantage X is unique and much better than other trading companies out there. It’s like comparing a basic oven to a life-saving ambulance. For tough forex trading situations, you need the best tools. We offer advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to help forex traders get the best results with high accuracy. Our top-notch tech and innovative features make trading smoother and offer much more value than any other option out there!


What VantageX can do? .

Searching for the perfect forex tool? A solution that’s straightforward yet delivers powerful results? Look no further! With Vantage X, we’ve mastered the secret to consistent profit-making in popular currency pairs, Synthetic indices, commodities and Nasdaq . It’s user-friendly and profitable right from the start. Say goodbye to outdated tools; this is what you’ve been waiting for!

our work process

Simple steps, big results .

01. Open Forex Trading Account

To use Vantage X , you must have forex trading account with regulated forex broker or Synthetic indices broker

02. Minimum Deposit

Vantage X can trade on all balances, but it is advised that you must have minimum 100$ in your trading account

03. Buy VantageX

third step is to Buy Vantage X

04. Installation

After Purchase we will install Vantage X on your system using teamviewer or anydesk. That’s it! Istn’t it simple?

Our Services

What Vantage X Offers? .

Artificial Intelligence

VantageX uses artificial intelligence to predict future fundamental events by analyzing previous ten years of data and place trades according to this.


VantageX gives accuracy up to 89%. Highest in market.

Algorithmic Strategies

Vantage X uses three algorithmic strategies Simultaneously, and whenever opportunity arises it takes trade. Vantage point X uses it own Copyrighted Algorithmic Strategies and that is why stays always ahead in Forex market.

Trade Frequency

Vantage X is built to trade, and trade often. With three trading strategies, it will never miss a trade. You will have a consistent flow of trades on your account.


Vantage X AI technology enables you to trade profitably in all market condition. With equity protect feature, you are able to trade risk free.
Vantage X

Past Results

Our pricing suits for all Traders

Flexible Pricing

Three Months

for Starters

$250/three Years
  • Three months license
  • Valid for one account
  • Three month update
  • Three months Support

One Year

For Serious Traders

  • One Year license
  • Valid for one account
  • One Year update
  • One Year Support

Life Time

For Professionals

  • Life Time license
  • Equity Protection Feature
  • Life Time Support update
  • Life Time Support
We Strive to provide best Services to traders

Clients Feedback

  • "Most profitable and accurate trading robot i ever used. The company provided the system exactly what they claimed. Never imagined that i can be profitable in forex trading a well. But Vantage point X enables me to generate profit with my 250$ account balance. Highly recommend Vantagepointx to new traders like me who want a fully automated trading system"
    Ketsel SamuelTrader
  • "This is the best EA, I have used. When I say this it's not because of some biased opinion or hype - It actually works and has been a life saver for me! I am so happy with how well Vantage point x is doing right now in my trading that if any other trader like me who is tired of trying other trading Robots need an edge on their trading they can't go wrong by trying it as well :)"
    Zamani MnguniTrader
  • "I was confused and was very reluctant to use Vantage point X on my trading account. When they said it can run on " 100$ ' account as well. To be honest, i did not believe them. I bought One year license to give vantagepointX a try. It is performing above my expectation. As they advertised , it is trading with two strategies and results are awesome. I am very much satisfied and happy that i took the decision to choose vantagepointx. I highly recommend traders to go for vantagepointx, its performance will blow your mind."
    Asbharul AmriTrader
  • "I am very happy with vpx service. They are very quick when there is query. They respond promptly to questions. I would like to recommend the vpx to other people who want to have a holy grail in forex. Thanks!"
    MMM FRANCIS NtlhareTrader
  • I have been using the elite for the past 2 months, it’s doing well for me because I’m not planning make millions in one day. I do manage it to what my equity allows for the different currencies the elite trade for me