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First Automated Forex Trading Robot

  • Highly profitable Trading System.
  • Works on Both MT4 and MT5 Platform
  • Minimum Draw Down
  • Accuracy Upto 89%
  • MyFXboook Verified Results

Key Features

Vantage X has vast range of features. And is one of the best Auto trading system available which is highly profitable. Some features are listed below

Three Strategies

Synthetic Index

MT4 Compatible

Fully Automated

MT5 Compatible

Equity protection

Minimum Drawdown

News Trading

Highest Accuracy

24/7 Support

Minimum Balance

Multi pair Trading

Minimum Drawdown

News Trading

Highest Accuracy

24/7 Support

Volatility Index Trading

Minimum Balance

Multi pair Trading

What is VX? A Forex Robot?

Vantage X is First algorithmic strategies Empowered trading system, which trades on your MT4/MT5 platform on your behalf, giving best possible results and Highest accuracy of Upto 90%.

We make Future for our Clients

If you’re looking for something game-changing, look no further! We dare to say that this product has some serious potential because of its artificial Intelligence programming which optimizes trading signals and maximizes profits. Better yet, our customers provide an unbiased report of what trading strategies work best with Vantage X. If you’ve been having trouble maximizing your trades like people who feel they are getting nowhere or working too hard then welcome home! 

A system So powerful, It feels like cheating

Have you been looking for that holy grail? Just hoping something so simple, yet so effective exists somewhere out there. A forex robot with rock solid proof, easy to use settings, and profitable right out of the box. Well we’ve done it! Essentially hacked the popular currency pairs for never ending pip scraping action. Vantage X will make everything else behind it obsolete. It’s what you’ve desired for so long.

crash 500 Index

Future is in Auto Trading. Vantage X is Future!

Vantage X is unlike anything else on the market and stands head and shoulders above all other trading Companies. It’s like comparing a toaster oven for artisan breads to an ambulance. You don’t want them to look similar, you want one of the best products available in complex forex trading  situations. The complex needs of typical forex traders can be met, thanks to our unsurpassed product design utilizing never before seen technologies including Artificial Intelligence ensuring trading efficiency with highest accuracy and minimum drawdown even with increased complexity in forex . Combining sophisticated technology with leading-edge innovation ensures impeccable trading experience resulting in unbeatable value over any competitor by far!

How Our Robot Trading Works


Vantage X uses three strategies Simultaneously, and whenever opportunity arises it takes trade. Vantage point X uses it own Copyrighted Algorithmic Strategies and that is why stays always ahead in Forex market.


Vantage X gives accuracy up to 89%. Highest in market.

Artificial Intelligence

Vantage X uses artificial intelligence to predict future fundamental events by analyzing previous ten years of data and place trades according to this.

Trade Frequency

Vantage X was built to trade, and trade often. You will have a consistent flow of trades being drip fed into your account.

Previous Performance Shows it all

Is VX Forex Trading Profitable?

Vantage X past trading results.

our Pricing

Choose your Plan

It will be as simple as occidental in fact, it will be Occidental.

Three MOnths



Total Duration Three Months

Comes with One Strategy

Full 24/7 Support

Free Installation

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Total Duration One Year

Comes with Two Strategies

Full 24/7 Support

Free Installation

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Total Duration Life Time

Comes with Three Strategies

Full 24/7 Support

Free Installation

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Clients Testimonials

What Our Clients Say about Us?.

Most profitable and accurate trading robot i ever used. The company provided the system exactly what they claimed. Never imagined that i can be profitable in forex trading a well. But Vantage point X enables me to generate profit with my 250$ account balance. Highly recommend Vantagepointx to new traders like me who want a fully automated trading system

Ketsel Samuel


I am very happy with vpx service. They are very quick when there is query. They respond promptly to questions. I would like to recommend the vpx to other people who want to have a holy grail in forex.



My Forex daily compounding plan is working perfectly which I never thought that this software will perform. Highly very good results indeed. I would like to thank everybody behind our trading success


Great product followed by excellent after sales customer service at any time.
Im using the VPX ea and the VPS and im very pleased with both.

Henrich Horn