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Unveil the Power of Synthetic Indices Trading with VantageX: The AI-Driven Trading Robot

Introduction of Synthetic Indices.

Have you been pondering over the concept of trading with Synthetic Indices but are unsure what it entails or why it’s worth your attention? With the world of trading constantly evolving, Synthetic Indices have emerged as a game-changing asset. At VantageX, we’ve harnessed AI technology to offer you a trading robot that allows you to trade Synthetic Indices with up to 89% accuracy!

VantageX - First AI automated Trading Robot for Synthetic Indices

89% Accuracy with equity protection Feature

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A Brief History Of Synthetic Indices: Why Traditional Markets Became Risky

The Volatile Nature of the Euro

In 2015, the Swiss National Bank made headlines by terminating its peg against the Euro. The decision turned the Euro into a high-risk asset overnight, leaving Forex traders grappling with negative balances and causing some brokers to shutter their operations.

Financial Crisis: Adding Fuel to the Fire

The past two decades have been a roller coaster for the financial markets. From plummeting oil prices to the global pandemic, traders have had their resilience tested. So, is there a way to trade without the unpredictability of these global events? Enter Synthetic Indices.

What Are Synthetic Indices?

Synthetic Indices are unique financial assets designed to emulate real-world market movements but are not influenced by market news or macroeconomic events. These assets rely on cryptographic number generators, offering stable volatility and are free from market and liquidity risks.

Why Choose Synthetic Indices?

With VantageX’s AI-empowered trading robot, you can trade Synthetic Indices with unmatched accuracy. Here’s why traders are flocking to this asset class:

1. High Leverage: Get more out of your trades.
2. Narrow Spreads: Minimize costs and maximize profits.
3. **Variety of Instruments:** Trade using Multipliers, Options, or CFDs based on your risk tolerance.

How to Trade Synthetic Indices: A Simple Guide

1. Demo Account: Start by practicing on a demo account with a reputable broker.
2. Real Account: Once confident, switch to a real account and begin with small trades.

3. Get VantageX AI Robot:  Get VantageX Automated synthetic Indices Trading robot for complete automation
3. Fund Withdrawal:  Use recommended methods to securely withdraw your earnings.

Advantages of Trading Synthetic Indices with VantageX

1. **Predictable Risks:** Know your risks upfront and prepare accordingly.
2. **24/7 Trading:** Trade anytime, even during holidays.
3. **Low Entry Requirements:** Start trading with minimal requirements.
4. **Fast Order Execution:** Benefit from deep liquidity and quick order execution.

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Volatility Index Levels

Volatility 10 Index: Ideal for low price swings.
– **Volatility 25, 50, 75, 100 Index:** Tailored for varying levels of volatility.

What Makes Synthetic Indices Different from Traditional Index Trading?

Unlike traditional index trading, which involves speculating on a group of stocks, Synthetic Indices are based on cryptographic number generators. Hence, they can be traded using either Index Futures CFDs or Index Cash CFDs.

Learn to Trade Synthetic Indices Like a Pro

Ready to dive deeper? With the right online course, you can master:

1. **Trade Planning:** Learn entry and exit strategies.
2. **Position Management:** Discover how to manage your positions effectively.
3. **Risk Management:** Develop solid risk management habits.

Who Should Consider Synthetic Indices Trading?

If you’re keen on elevating your trading game and earning passive income, Synthetic Indices is the route to take. However, remember, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Success takes time.

Synthetic Instruments Explained

Created primarily by the “Deriv_com” company, Synthetic Instruments are financial derivatives derived from the original CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). Unlike traditional indices, Synthetic Indices are not bound to follow any financial asset, making them a revolutionary addition to the trading world.

Synthetic Indices offer an exciting avenue for traders looking for an asset that offers predictability and high-profit potential. With VantageX’s first AI-empowered trading robot, you can explore Synthetic Indices trading with the highest accuracy. Experience the future of trading, today!

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