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Synthetic Indices

synthetic indices

Synthetic Indices” refers to financial instruments that are created to track the performance of a specific financial market or asset, such as a stock index, currency, or commodity. Synthetic indices are often used for trading and investment purposes, as they provide exposure to a broad range of assets with a single trade.

Synthetic indices are constructed using derivatives, such as options or futures contracts, which are designed to mimic the performance of the underlying asset or market. The value of a synthetic index is derived from the performance of its underlying assets, and it is often used to provide a benchmark for the performance of a particular market or sector.


Overall, synthetic indices are a popular tool for investors and traders looking to gain exposure to specific financial markets or assets. However, it is important to understand the underlying mechanics of synthetic indices and the risks involved before investing in them.

Why Trade Synthetic Indices

Trading synthetic indices is similar to trading other financial instruments, such as stocks or commodities. Investors can buy or sell synthetic indices through financial intermediaries, such as brokers, and trade them on financial markets, such as exchanges or over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

Synthetic indices offer several benefits, including reduced risk and greater flexibility, as investors can trade exposure to a specific market or asset without actually owning the underlying assets. Additionally, these can be used to hedge against market risk, or to speculate on market movements.

Who Offer Synthetic Indices Trading?

Deriv Broker offer Synthetic Indices Trading.

How to trade Synthtic indices automatically?


    VantageX Automatically trades Synthetic indices including Crash 100, Crash 500 , Volatility 75 and Volatility 100. With Accuracy of upto 91% and minimum draw down

Synthetic Indices lot sizes

Volatility 10 Index =>0.30 Min
Volatility 25 Index =>0.50 Min
Volatility 50 Index =>0.50 Min
Volatility 75 Index =>0.001 Min
Volatility 100 Index =>0.01 Min
Crash 500 =>0.20 Min
Boom 500 =>0.20 Min
Step Index =>0.10 Min

Benefits of VantageX trading.

  • Fully Automated Trading
  • Minimum Draw Down
  • Maximum Accuracy of Upto 92%
  • 24/7 execution of trades without Human interaction
  • Three algortithmic Strategies
  • Artificial Intelligence empowered.

Synthetic Indices Auotmated Trading

VantageX is a fully automatic trading robot developed to trade synthetic indices EA, such as those offered by Deriv and other brokers who operate in a similar manner. When entering trades, the Vantage PointX makes use of an algorithm that recognises when a trend is about to reverse Using Artificial Intelligence. The following indices are the primary focus of the EA’s design.

What is Traded in Synthetic Indices

  • Step index
  • Boom 1000 Index
  • Crash 1000 Index
  • Boom 500 Index
  • Crash 500 Index
  • Volatility 10 Index
  • Volatility 25 Index
  • Volatility 50 Index
  • Volatility 75 Index
  • Volatility 100 Index
  • Volatility 10 Index

Supported Pairs by VantageX

VantageX supports all pairs mentioned above

Taking a deeper dive into Synthetic Indices, these financial mirrors reflect asset performance trends without direct ownership. Formed through modern techniques ranging from algorithms to intensive data analysis, these indices are multifaceted:

Basket Synthetic Indices: Envision these as digital asset compilations, with value derived from asset performance. Sector Synthetic Indices: Each sector, be it tech, health, or energy, gets its spotlight through these Synthetic Indices. Commodity Synthetic Indices: Capturing the essence of materials, these indices tune into commodities like gold, silver, and oil. Volatility Synthetic Indices: Gauge market sentiments using these, with the VIX index being a notable mention. Currency Synthetic Indices: Acting as benchmarks, they measure currency health against major global currencies. Style Synthetic Indices: Focusing on investment styles, they merge both fundamental and technical analysis.

Trade Synthetic Indices Automatically with VantageX

Trade Crash 500, Crash 1000, Boom and Volatility 75 and Volatility 100 index with First AI empowered VantageX trading Robot.

Advantages of Synthetic Indices:

Synthetic indices offer a smart shortcut for traders. Wondering how? Let’s simplify. Imagine wanting to taste an entire pie but without baking it yourself. Synthetic indices let you do just that, but for trading! Instead of diving deep and purchasing every ingredient (or asset), you can enjoy the whole flavor with just one slice (or financial instrument). It’s a cost-saver as you skip multiple fees and the hustle of handling many assets.

Another cool thing about synthetic indices? They’re like protective bubbles. While the real-world market can shake due to company news or other events, synthetic indices, especially those built using algorithms, might remain steady. They often don’t get ruffled by the ups and downs of individual companies. So, for those aiming to bet on the bigger picture of a market or index rather than a single company, synthetic indices might be your go-to choice.

Trade Synthetic Indices Automatically with VantageX

Trade Crash 500, Crash 1000, Boom and Volatility 75 and Volatility 100 index with First AI empowered VantageX trading Robot.