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Who we are?

What is  VANTAGE X?

Key Features

Vantage X has vast range of features. And is one of the best Auto trading system available which is highly profitable. Some features are listed below

Three Strategies

AI Empowered

MT4 Compatible

Fully Automated

MT5 Compatible

Equity protection

Minimum Drawdown

News Trading

Highest Accuracy

24/7 Support

Minimum Balance

Multi pair Trading

Vantage X is the brand name of Flexicon SMC Pvt limited. It is fully operating independently and not associated with any other company.
Vantage X
is First Automated trading Expert advisor for Mt4 platform. Which analyze market itself and trade on your behalf with high accuracy and profit automatically. It runs on Mt4 platform and compatible with every broker.

It simultaneously run three strategies, it uses artificial intelligence to predict future fundamental events by analyzing previous ten years of data and place trades according to this.

Vantage X & Its Accuracy rate:

Vantage X is first Artificial Intelligence Robot. It is designed to aid in trading. Its automated trading helps the traders in decisions making process as well. The greatest strength of this system is its accuracy rate. After all, you are taking all of this pain for accuracy and profit. Its 89% accuracy rate is undoubtedly its most attractive feature. The profitability of this trading system makes it desirable for a novice trader. You will feel safe regarding your investment. Its verified results also strengthen its credibility as well. The positive reviews also highlight the effectiveness of this trading system.

Attractive Features:

It offers a hand in trade while providing financial freedom at the same time. The traders do not need to ponder for hours for analysis any more. Its vast range of attractive features facilitates traders having different terms of trade. Another highlighting feature is that it works wonder in case of both MT4 & MT5. The draw down is also minimum which also grabs the attention of a novice trader. It has 24/7 immediate support system thus you do not need to worry about the time as well.  You can even have the opportunity of multiple pair trading at the same time.

Strong & Trust-worthy system:

Thus these not mere attractive words intended to snatch your money. It is a powerful automated system with proof which ensures its credibility. A novice trader will feel safe and satisfied. Vantage X uses artificial intelligence to highlight and predict trade movement. It does not mere guess it. This robot predicts after efficiently analyzing the data of about ten years of that certain pair. Mathematical approach and software of this system do all the hard work for you. Ultimately it eases your trading process.

What Our Clients say about us

Trust pilot Reviews*** 

Bondo Lamar

150% profits in 7days, Wow!!! This is Unreal for me after I lost so much in forex trading! God sent EA, The best!!

Zolani Gomo

Been losing for the past two year but since I’ve been on vpx I’ve just seen consistent profit. Thank you guys

Onyeneke Collins

It really works very fine and give out profits . I am really enjoying the EA and it is the best so far.

Eddie Machete

My Forex daily compounding plan is working perfectly which I never thought that this software will perform. Highly very good results indeed. I would like to thank everybody behind our trading success.

Heinrich Horn

Great product followed by excellent after sales customer service at any time.
Im using the VX ea and the VPS and im very pleased with both.


As an AI and Machine learning professional, I rely on VantageX for my trading and I am very much satisfied with the way algorithms work in this solution. Very impressive indeed!

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