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Vantage X

Boom 500 Index

Trade Boom 500 Index With First Artificial Intelligence empowered Trading Robot Vantage X.

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Highly speculative synthetic indices, Boom 500 Index and Crash are exclusive to the Deriv broker. It’s the only market-traded asset that isn’t fixed in value to the US dollar. There are typically four types of boom and bust indexes, including the Boom 1000, Boom 500 index, Crash 1000, and Crash 500. The Boom Index, as the name implies, measures the size of a sudden, significant increase in market prices, which may be as high as 50–60 pips. The Crash Index measures the size of a sudden, major decrease in market prices, which can be as large as 50–60 pips.

Crash Index Trading With Vantage X

How does Boom 500 Index Works

Traders with individuals without prior expertise have reported having difficulty navigating the structure of the boom 500 Index market. In contrast to the currency pair, the boom index is meant to be traded with spikes that take place at predetermined intervals. This sets it apart from the currency pair.

boom 500 index

Because it contains a lot of modest bearish candles and only an odd long bullish surge, even a beginner trader would have no trouble predicting its movement.

Any trader, provided they have the appropriate tools and sufficient information, is capable of making consistent winning trades and profits by utilising a good boom and crash technique.

One may either buy or sell the boom 500 when trading boom; however, when you open the Boom100/500 index, it will nearly always be selling, thus trading the little bearish candles is the ideal approach.

Benefits of VantageX trading.

  • Fully Automated Trading
  • Minimum Draw Down
  • Maximum Accuracy of Upto 92%
  • 24/7 execution of trades without Human interaction
  • Three algortithmic Strategies
  • Artificial Intelligence empowered.
crash index
synthetic indixc

Trade Boom 100 Index with AI trading Robot

Complete Equity Protection Feature empowered by Artificial Intelligence – Trade Risk free with Vantage Point X

synthetic indices

Trade Boom 500 Index With VantageX

Vantage point x is first Artificial intelligence system available Which analyze market itself and trade on your behalf with high accuracy and profit automatically. It runs on Mt4 platform and compatible with every broker.

The minimum balance required to run the system is 100$ and it give accuracy up to 89%.

It simultaneously run three strategies, it uses artificial intelligence to predict future fundamental events by analyzing previous ten years of data and place trades according to this.