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Trading NASDAQ index was never easy before. Vantage point X trading robot enables  traders to be profitable and gain up to 89% accuracy in trading NASDAQ. Trade NASDAQ automatically with first AI Empowered trading Robot.

Can I trade Nasdaq composite index using VantageX?

The VX robot is the most accurate Nasdaq trading tool, and its artificial intelligence ensures that your trades will be profitable. The machine learning algorithms use past performance to predict movements in order for you make more informed decisions about when or where best time invest.

VantageX uses AI powered by complex mathematical formulas based on historical price data from their datasets, which span back through various markets including stocks, futures contracts etc., When executed correctly any trader should see success regardless of whether they have experience with technical analysis beforehand!

how to trade Nasdaq?

Yes, you can trade automatically Nasdaq Composite index using the VX robot. It is most accurate trading tool for those who want to invest in indices or simply bet on their own investments with an algorithm that will always be able predict movement precisely.

A great option would be making automated buys and sells through this robot so your portfolio never needs adjusting – which means no more sleepless nights wondering if / when stock prices might change!

What is the accuracy of  Nasdaq trading by VX?

VantageX using Artificial intelligence is a major breakthrough for Nasdaq trading. It can give up to 89% accuracy in predictions with these new algorithms!

Does VantageX trades NASDAQ news?

Yes, Artificial intelligence Engine takes into account the fundamental events and bases its next trade direction on these. So as Nasdaq news plays an important role in VX index trading; this is what we call a wise algorithm for markets!

What is the value of Nasdaq index today?

Whatever the value, VantageX trading robot trades the market with high precision.

What time does Nasdaq open in south Africa?

EA works round the clock,  Like financial markets VantageX never Sleeps. It continuously trades on your behalf.


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What is NASDAQ Index?

The Nasdaq Composite Index is a stock market index that tracks the performance of all stocks trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Many technology companies are included in this index, as well as many other international and non-U.S. companies. This index has no limitations based on market capitalization or other companies. The index includes stocks of companies of all sizes in various industries.

The Nasdaq Composite Index is similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in that it tracks the performance of the technology industry, but unlike the DJIA, there are no limitations on where companies incorporated or headquartered. All stocks trading on Nasdaq are included in this index.

The index was first introduced on February 5, 1971. It has since grown to support the tracking of over 3,000 companies. The first company listed on this index was Dillard’s Incorporated (DDS). AT&T (T). It reached its all-time high on March 10, 2000, when it closed at 5,048. During that time, many tech companies were involved in it. These included Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ) . Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

This index includes about 3,200 common stocks of the over-the-counter market that are traded through Nasdaq. Of these stocks, more than 1,600 are technology or Internet related firms.

Nasdaq Composite Eligibility 

Nasdaq Composite Index has criteria of eligibility based on certain financial and liquidity criterion.

To be eligible for index membership, a company must be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. In addition to that, it must meet the following criteria:

– Must have a market cap greater than $100 million

– The stock should have a public float of at least 50%

– The stock must have a six-month average daily volume of 100,000 shares or more


The Nasdaq Composite Index uses capitalizing weighing methodology. Nasadq index value is equal to the aggregate market value of all Nasdaq securities with maturities of greater than 14 days. Nasdaq composite index is calculated with two versions; one is for tracking the performance of all Nasdaq securities and the other one is to track those securities that meet specific market capitalization or liquidity requirements.

Nasdaq Composite Index components are weighted using a modified capitalization-weighting methodology. This methodology uses free float market cap to weight each security in the index as opposed to price times outstanding. The Nasdaq index publishes the daily and the monthly performance of its constituents. The index is also tracked in real time using a U.S. dollar value and price return version and other international versions that use local currencies such as British pound, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars or euros. The Nasdaq Composite is a market cap weighted index. It is a price return index and not a total return index.

Why Traders Choose NASDAQ Trading?

Nasdaq is the most favorite index of U.S.A. The Americans prefer this index. In fact it is one of the top three indexes of the world that manage to remain in highlights. There are about 3097 companies listed in this index. Another attractive feature is that in order to be listed on Nasdaq, the stock must be of an individual firm. Thus it does not include any kind of securities  such as exchange-traded funds in it. When large firms shift their stocks, it affects the performance of the index. The top 10 stocks of Nasdaq have great significance. In fact one third performance of the index depends on these top stocks. Similarly the performance of the index changes with the changes in stock market. The volatility in the trading hours has a strong influence on the value of the index.

What is traded in Nasdaq?

Market capitalization matters a lot in case of this index. Nasdaq has more than 100 major non-financial companies. Its concentration of technology based firms is quite high which attracts the attention of investors. The top 10 large stocks of Nasdaq hold great importance. These stocks include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, Tesla, NVIDIA etc. Some other major stocks include PepsiCo, Netflix and Intel as well.

Nasdaq Indices LLC calculates this index. this company is owned by the Nasdaq OMX Group. The latter is the owner of Nasdaq Stock Market. The Nasdaq Composite Index is often used as a benchmark to compare how U.S. equity markets are performing . It is also used as a metric to compare how a market has performed over a specific time period.


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