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Vantage point x  and NFP

Non Farm Payroll

The US Non farm payrolls release day is the most important event for forex traders. It’s a day that can make or break your trading account if you’re not careful about what pairs you trade on this day. The reason it is such an important time to be trading Forex is because of how much news and information gets released in one go, which means there are many opportunities for profits but also many ways to lose money.


Which Pair is more effective in Non-Farm-Payroll realease?

There is a lot of anticipation for the Non-Farm-Payroll release from the US government. Investors will be watching all day to see if there was an increase in jobs or not. Which pair is more effective when trading this news? Traders have debated on which currency, EUR/USD or USD/JPY  , GBPUSD and USDCHF is most favorable when trading NFP releases. But with VantagepointX You don’t have to worry about which pair to trade, it is complete auto trading system which trades automatically.

Does VantagePointX predicts NFP data before release?

Vantage point X uses artificial intelligence and big data to make accurate predictions about trends in non-farm-payroll. The Trading system analyzes 15 years of historical data and predicts what will happen in Next release

How Accurate is Vantage Point X prediction of NFP?

VantagepointX gives accuracy for upto 89%..



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How do I trade non-farm payrolls?

If you want to trade non-farm payrolls, first learn how to use a trading platform like Metatrader . Vantage point X will help you in trading NFP without any risk. This software will display indicators that help traders see if the market sentiment is bullish or bearish . After the non-farm payrolls are released at 8:30 EST on the first Friday of every month, non farm hourly jobs indicator can be used to see how many non farm job positions there are. If non farm hourly jobs is increasing this means that more people will have jobs and each non-farming related worker could be earning roughly $22 per hour which makes up about $40,000 per year before taxes. This information could affect the price of non-farm payroll because traders watch for any change in non farm hourly jobs indicator by looking for green or red bars after the NFP release. If non farm payroll bar is green then you should expect an increase in EUR/USD price because there’s a good chance that the non farm payrolls will be positive and decrease the non-farm jobless rate.

If non farm hourly jobs indicator shows red bars then non farm payroll might be negative which means that there’s a chance for non-farm jobless rates to go up because more people are not employed or as many as were employed before, therefore decreasing non-farming related worker salary from $22 per hour to something lower like $15 per hour. This kind of non-farm payroll information can reflect negatively on EUR/USD price but it is not always true. Non Farm Payrolls release can also affect other currencies besides just EUR/USD so traders should learn about other non farm reports .


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How non farm payrolls affect EUR/USD?

Non Farm Payrolls release date may vary depending on non farm payroll holidays but non-farm jobless rate can be used as a basis to estimate non farm jobs and non-farming related worker salary. If the non farm jobless rate decreases then there’s a chance for non-farm hourly wage to increase so this affects EUR/USD price in either direction. If non farm payrolls are negative though, this could result in lower non-farming related wages which would probably decrease EUR/USD price. Non farm payroll is reported at 8:30 EST every first Friday of the month so find out what time it is released in your country before trading! It is very important to understand non farm reports and non-farm payrolls to make more accurate trading decisions.


Forex trading on non farm payroll, including non-farm hourly jobs indicator, can be profitable if people know when non-farming reports come out and learn more about how these numbers affect currency prices

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