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EUR/USD Outlook of the week

EUR/USD is a game of two prominent economies of the world. No wonder it always manages to be in the spotlight. Central Banks of the world influence the Forex trading. The financial reports of Central banks are about to alter the trading plan of most of the traders.  The attention of the traders is again on this pair.  Right now the title of this trading game plan is undoubtedly ‘Volatility and excitement’.

Holiday and activities influencing EUR/USD:

The clock is ticking with the hearts of the traders. They are keeping a close watch on every move of both the economies. You can clearly witness slower momentum of activities. Risk trends are changing the trading scenario as a holiday is round the corner. Thus it is worth your precious time to keep tabs on Forex market. Every minutes matters. You need to be vigilant during such a period if you serious want to make some money with EUR/USD.

Human toll:

Human toll and the pandemic in USA are trying really hard to contribute to the fall out of US economy. The lockdown is another related factor that has managed to shake its economy. The pair only has psychological support for third consecutive day. USD is facing pressure so this pair is all geared up for lift off.

Central Banks:

Central banks are one of the major influencing factors. The upcoming announcements of Central Banks are about to influence the currencies and Forex trading. December is the last station of the roller coaster of 2020 therefore you cannot sit idly and chill. If you really into EUR/USD then you must know that this period is anything but a relaxing period. Central Banks of England, Canada and Brazil are all ready to announce financial reports which will obviously shake Forex market. This will particularly influence EUR/USD and USD/CAD. Both pairs are facing similar trading situations. Some serious efforts are needed to stop or at least minimize the upcoming losses.

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