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Volatility index and How To Trade VIX Using VX

How To Trade Volatility Index Using Vantage PointX:

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There are three steps to trade Volatility Index With VantagePOintX

1- You must have active mt5 account
2- You need to Buy Vantage point X from here
3- You will get installer on your email

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what is cboe volatility index?:

Volatility Index is a measure of trading sentiments of  for the relative strength of near-term price changes of the S&P 500 index (SPX).  It is another attractive feature of trading. This index helps the traders to assess the risk factor in a trade. Thus it is a widely used risk assessing tool. At the same time, it gives traders an opportunity to take advantage of volatile state  of the market. Volatile market excites traders. It opens a wide arena of opportunities to earn profit as well. But at the same time, you cannot jump into any trade in a turbulent and speedy market. It has no direct association with price of currencies. On contrary, it measures the frequency of movement. This Index measures it for the next 4 trading weeks.

VIX trading and how to Use it as measuring tool:

Another vital feature of the Volatility Index is that it measures the fear as well as the stress of the traders. It has great significance in case of stock markets. But there is a negative relationship between the rise and fall of S&P 500 and Volatility Index. If there is a fall in the value of Index, it means that the traders are not hesitant or fearful about the trade.  The rise of the price of S&P 500 reflects the stress-free attitude of the traders. Alternatively the Index rises when the price of S&P 500 decreases. It indicates the high stress level and anxiousness of the traders. They do not feel confident about trading. This rise in Index exposes their fear about their investment. The increase in VIX also highlights the instability of the Forex market.

Trade Expectations & Profit in trading volatility Index:

Volatility Index applies mathematics formulas for calculations to estimate the volatility of the market in the near trading term. Thus you can say that it also quantifies the expectations of the traders regarding the volatility. Afterwards the traders invest money on the basis of estimated and expected volatility. Therefore it helps to ensure profit in a trading deal.

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