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Vantage point X – Real Trader Review and VantageX Review:

Pounds to dollars forecast

The Inflation Data and steady GBP:

The trade of GBP is going steadily without much hustle and bustle. Inflation data of UK is about to be revealed. Steady GBP and USD pair is currently in the spell of range of just one-month. The bulls are holding on to the support point under the 1.41.One of the major reasons is the current rumors about the reopening date. The reopening date of UK is in coming week however it is likely to extend for 4 more weeks. This delay is going to influence the trade of Pound. A combination of different factors is delaying this reopening. Thus the traders of GBP are all ears for any related news. The Inflation data of UK that is going to be released on Wednesday is currently in spotlight. Want to know about VPX automated trading system?

Inflation data and consumer Price:

The inflation data particularly the consumer price has attracted the attention of the traders right now. The targeted figure of the Bank of England is 2%. Keeping in view the current scenario, the targeted percentage is not a mission impossible.  The positive readings of major counter countries like US and China have raised the expectations of the traders. Now traders are expecting about 1.8% rise in the consumer price as compared to the data of last year. This is likely to result in making the inflation data close to the targeted value.

The role of Central bank and reopening date:

Here comes the significant role of Central Bank. The traders are of strong belief that the Central Bank will come forward in this situation. Thus they are expecting that the Central Bank will act earlier than expected and planned circumstances. The economic recovery is in progress. The UK government has planned to vaccinate the adults till the end of July. This vaccination program is also one of the major reasons of the delaying reopening date. Thus all these economic factors are inter-linked.

Levels of GBP/USD:

The downward trend of the pair has not seen light yet. The downward trend is likely to continue.  In this situation the trade path is quite visible towards the value of 1.40. On the other hand, alternatively if the pair manages to raise the bullish momentum then it will make the resistance point at 1.41. Vantage X is best automated trading system which trades GBPUSD with highest precision.

Why is GBPUSD falling?

The inflation data particularly the consumer price has attracted the attention of the traders right now. The target figure of the BOE is 2%

Does VantageX trades only GBPUSD?

Vantage X trades all currency Pairs. But Usually it trade GBPUSD with highest accuracy.

What is the best time to trade GBPUSD?

Vantage X trades GBPUSD 24/5 whenever there is opportunity

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