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Why Trade Synthetic Indices with Vantage X

Synthtic Indices

Trading instruments that are replicated and designed to reflect the behaviour of significant financial markets are known as synthetic indices. Due to the fact that these are simulated markets, the question naturally arises: who moves these markets?


Why trade synthetic indices with Vantage X

Models of actual market activity are constructed with the use of synthetic indexes established by Deriv. These indices, which are supported by a random number generator that is secure from a cryptographic point of view, can be traded at any time of the day or night and are not subject to the typical market hours, global events, or fluctuations in market and liquidity conditions. The cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithms used by the VantagePointX trading robot help to maximise profits. It operates continuously and continuously, 24 hours a day.

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Synthetic Indicators are compiled demands that are not impacted by external factors like the news or current events. They are based on a cryptographic random number generator, yet they perform just like actual appeals for funding. To further guarantee that these metrics are not susceptible to manipulation, a third party with no vested interest in the outcome conducts an independent review.

Types of Synthetic Indice

  • Volatility Indices 
  • Step Indices
  • Boom indices 
  • Crash Indices

About Vantage X Synthetic Indices Trading


For the first time, you can have an AI assess the market for you and make profitable trades on your behalf with 100% accuracy with Vantage X. The Mt5 platform it utilises is universally supported by brokers.

Accuracy of up to 91% has been achieved by Vantage X’s Boom and Crash Index, a synthetic market index.
If you want to use the system, you need at least $250 in your account.

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Have any Specific Questions?

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