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Crash 500 Index Back test result

crash 500 Index

Crash 500 Index is one of the synthetic indices offered by deriv broker. Vantage pointX trades Crash 500 Indices with highest accuracy and profitability.

Below is the Backtest result of Vantage point X trading Crash 500 Index.

What is Crash 500 Index?

Synthetic indices consists of indices like Boom and Crash 500 index, which are extremely volatile, may only be accessed through derivatives brokers. To our knowledge, it is the only marketable financial product that is independent of the value of the US dollar. There are typically four variations of the Boom and Crash indexes available: the Boom 1000, the Boom 500, the Crash 1000, and the Crash 500 index. The Boom index, as the name suggests, is a measurement of a quick, large increase in market price, which may reach 50–60 pips. This unexpected, significant increase may happen at any time. A rapid decline in market value, as described by the Crash Index, may be as large as fifty or sixty pips. Such breaks or surges could happen at any time on a one-minute chart.

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