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Vantage point X – Real Trader Testimonial

Edge of Mountain & GBP/USD (pounds to dollars), An Analysis:

The current trade scenario is hinting weakness in the value of GBP/USD (pounds to dollars) trading pair. It seems as the pair is standing at the edge of mountain. A risky and rocky path waits ahead. UK Politics is acting as the major factor that is causing the weakness and fall of the said pair. Forex market is about to witness a severe fall in the value of the pair. The current economic condition of UK is hinting a significant rise in the tax which will likely to be opposed by the cabinet and the members of Parliament. The situation is going to be quite serious.

Vigilance and Traders:

The traders of GBP/USD need to be extra vigilant in such a situation. Earning profit in such critical scenario is definitely not a child’s play. If you solely want to depend on your luck then this is not the right time to do any experiment. At the same time, you cannot ignore the severity of the new waves of the Virus as well. The severe wave will surely demand extreme precautions and restrictive measures. Thus the chances of lockdown are not beyond imagination. The virus is developing new variants to disturb the global economic recovery process. This will ultimately over-burden the National Health services of the said country.

Trend of GBP/USD & Edge of Mountain:

GBP/USD has already challenged and crossed the resistance point.  The pair has already managed to mark a prominent top position in a downward channel.  Now the same trend-line will serve as a support point for the said pair. Currently the pair is having a mixed trend. More than 50% traders of the pair are involved in net long trading positions. The pair is now at risk of a fall in its value. The traders of the pair must be aware of the current state of GBP//USD (pounds to dollars). The pair is now at the edge of mountain and about to jump from higher point.

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