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Regret, Fatal emotion for Novice Forex Traders:

How Best forex traders distinguished from from Regret is a fatal emotion that often caps the desires of the traders. Traders often want to try something new and risky but this disturbing feeling of losing the money in some previous alike adventure stops them from doing so. Sometimes traders regret after betting too much on a single trade while sometimes they feel it after purchasing a huge lot. Either way, regret stays in their heart. The same emotion afterwards leads them to make crucial trading decisions. In forex trading you have to risk our hard earned money for financial gains and profit.

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Regret & Novice forex traders:

Novice forex traders feel it hard to deal with the feeling of regret and be in best forex trader. They often follow the crowd of traders. Whenever they observe that the majority of traders are selling off at lightning speed they also follow them blindly. Therefore they immediately sell off as well. Same is the case of potential of profit. Such hasty decisions result in eating their capital or in some cases, their entire trading account. The fear of unforeseen event results in careless decisions. Oops, I know it is heart-breaking but it is a bitter reality. Afterwards the emotion of regret starts to control the forex traders.

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The emotion of regret then plays a vital role in all the trading decisions of those novice traders. It starts to act as a speed-breaker for the novice forex traders. They often fear to place a trade as they do not want to lose their money again. The previous experience haunts them and makes them deprive of some profitable trades. They just want to avoid the risk of failure at any cost. Thus this emotion clouds the judgement of the traders particularly the novice forex traders. They start to picture an imaginary situation in which things would have been gone in a different scenario.


Sometimes this fatal emotion serves as a wrong-turn for the traders.  You ignore an opportunity which eventually proves to be a very profitable one. But unfortunately you have missed it. This feeling of regret affects your morale. Now the emotion of utter regret makes you unable to make a sound decision.

Dealing with it:

Dealing with this controlling emotion is not an easy task. Traders need a lot of patience to overcome the emotion of regret. You have to compose yourself. In such a state no one can help you. Only you can get out of the troubling trap of regret.  You can make the same feeling as an extra kick to trade more efficiently next time. The effective use of this time can make you successful forex traders. You can plan your trading strategy more effectively. You can boast your confidence by saying that ‘I am not going to make the same mistakes’. Thus take rest and relax your mind. A positive attitude before another trade can help you to get rid of the past troublesome experience. Thus it is not wise to hung up on loss. Move on and plan your game!

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