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vantagepointx Best forex trading robot.
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VantagepointX with its four years of performance proved to be the best day trading software so far.

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Vantage point X with its own algorithmic strategies does not miss any opportunity according to its own Artificial Intelligence Engine.

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Vantage point X is fully automated trading system. You just need to install the system and it will do all the work for you.


Daily Market Review by Vantage Best Trading Software Vantage point X:

European Central Bank & Expectations:

European central bank (ECB) is about to play a table turning role in the trade of EUR/USD. The meeting of ECB will likely to affect the trade of Euro. But the EUR/USD will most likely be influenced by the announcements made by ECB.

USD, A Safe Flight:

Safe haven USD has risen against the counter currencies, proving it a real safe haven. A cycle of strength starts for Dollar. After the announcement of the confusing signals of FOMC, the Dollar dipped for a short while however it managed to get back of track within a short duration. It has now dominated its counter currencies.

European Central Bank & Expectations:

Currently USD is enjoying a safe flight. While on the other hand, European Central Bank is going to announce the much-anticipated strategy regarding the monetary policy. Thus today’s meeting holds a great significance for the traders of Euro. However the traders of EUR/USD are very much excited about the news. The Price stability is their expected outcome of the meeting. They are hoping that the inflation rate will likely to reach the expected target of 2%. Earlier it was below the expected target. Thus they are expecting a change in the rate of inflation. The meeting will also throw light on the change in the Bond-program as well.

Another wave of COVID:

Japan is all set for another state of emergency due to the upcoming wave of the virus. Another wave of COVID will likely to hit hard again. Yen will bear the brunt of the emergency. The safety measures are all ready to deal with it. Therefore you cannot rule out the chances of the pandemic stirring the Forex market. If it happens then it is surely likely to affect the trade of the currencies. Try best Trading Software

Level of EUR/USD:

The pair is dealing with the state of sell-off for the last one and a half months. The current trade scenario is hinting that this phase of sell-off is going to extend further in the days to come. The pair has already hit the three-month lowest level of value. The current trading trend of the pair is a mixed one. Let’s see what will be the direction of movement of Euro in the days to come. European Central Bank is going to influence the trade of Euro.

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