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Trade on Sidelines Vs Trade on News:

When traders start Forex trading, they use every possible technique to survive and wade successfully in the ravishing waves of trading. Trade on sidelines or trade on news is one of the crucial questions that confuse the novice traders. Some traders post in favor of one of them while others against it. They try to convince the novice traders to agree with their point of view. Novice traders read those childish posts and then blindly follow them. They need to learn that every trader has his own trading circumstances.

Trade on news:

Some traders believe that there is only a single way of trade and that is trading on news. According to them, trading on sidelines means being a lazy bluffer. They think that it is being careless if you just sit with folded arms and do nothing. Such traders believe in active trading and keeping a close watch on every economic event. So they view such an event as a potential and significant market changer. They consider different related trade scenarios. Similar events happened in the past also attract their attention as well. They think that in order to earn huge profit, you need to trade accordingly.  Then they act immediately and make rapid trade decisions accordingly. They rely on their observation.

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Trade on sidelines:

While on the other hand, others believe that trading on news is being repulsive and over-efficient. Thus they do not act on every vital economic event. Such traders do not focus on volatility of Forex market. Therefore they wait and watch patiently by sidelines. They do not try to take advantage of the current opportunities presented in the market. So they just select and indulge in best trading set-ups.  Hence both of the trading techniques have their own strengths and weaknesses so you need to choose one of them according to your trading terms and conditions. But remember one thing that it is not wise to just blindly follow their.

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